Mark’s paper accepted

ClpP Protease Activation Results from the Reorganization of the Electrostatic Interaction Networks at the Entrance Pores

Mabanglo, M. F., Leung, E., Vahidi, S., Seraphim, T. V., Eger, B. T., Bryson, S., Bhandari, V., Zhou, J. L., Mao, Y.-Q., Rizzolo, K., Barghash, M. M., Goodreid, J. D., Phanse, S., Babu, M., Barbosa, L. R. S., Ramos, C. H. I., Batey, R. A., Kay, L. E., Pai, E. F., & Houry, W. A. Communications Biology 2(1), article number 410 (2019). [featured on the journal homepage:]

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