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Cellular Protein Homeostasis Research Group

ATP-Dependent Proteases & Molecular Chaperones

From Basic Science Discoveries to Translational Research

Development of Novel Antibiotics and Novel Anticancers

We Employ a Large Array of Approaches

Biophysical, Biochemical, Cell biological, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics methods


Visiting professors, Post-doctoral fellows, Graduate students, Undergraduate students, International graduate and undergraduate exchange students.


Our research endeavors are aimed at understanding the role of molecular chaperones and ATP-dependent proteases in modulating protein homeostasis under different stress conditions. There are two main projects that we are currently pursuing in my laboratory. One is on the role of Hsp100/Clp system in cellular stress response, the other one is on the role of the Hsp90-R2TP system that we discovered in complex assembly. In addition, we are also interested in identifying potential therapeutic compounds that can modulate protein homeostasis in the cell and that can be developed as anticancer or antimicrobial drugs.